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Wedding Invitations including hand lettered envelopes as well as design.
Baby shower invitation using paper layers.
First birthday party invitation. Clean and simple!
Wedding invitation envelopes done by hand.

What We Do                                    Printing Styles


We provide graphic design services for invitations, menus, direction cards, gift tags, table numbers, chalkboard signs, hanging decorations, signs, coasters and much more.  If you can write on it, we can design it for you!



If you've ever seen real calligraphy, then you know how deep the ink is. That was the first thing I realized when I started working with it. There isn't room for error with calligraphy because of this, every little mark makes a difference. This is why it's a bit labor intensive but is so gorgeous when done right. Every calligrapher has their own style, and their own flare. I love cursive in general so my cursive gets to comes to life in a new way when I do calligraphy. I tend to lean towards the conservative style although it's far from traditional.


Letterpress printing is a technique using a printing press in which many copies are produced through direct impressions.  We will be using a Chandler & Price New Style once our letterpress gets in the shop.


Lythography is a printing process which is less expensive than Letterpress and is considered more of a standard method of printing for artwork and invitations. While many printers swear that digital is just as good, if you are using any type of textured paper, this is the way to go. The reason why is that this offset printing style allows for the image to go from a plate to a rubber roller called a blanket which insures a real impression with the ink onto the paper. I highly recommend this method.


Printing methods have advanced to the point where you can get an extremely crisp image using digital printing. Another bonus to digital printing is it is the least expensive method for those who are really tight on their budget. I do not recommend this method for someone using textured paper.


Your invitation is the FIRST thing someone sees to help them see your event through your eyes. It's a way to reveal a theme and make the receiver feel special for being invited. Remember when you were 8 and you got invited to a classmates birthday party? It was the best thing ever, and you put that invitation on your wall or fridge displaying it proudly; counting down the days until it was here. This is what invitations should make people feel and why I love my job.


Lists of Services

Full Suite:

Save the Date Cards
Reply Card
2 Detail Cards (hotel card, registry information, or map/directions, song requests, etc.)


Mini Suite:

Reply Card
1 Detail Card (list above / special request / or save the date)


Basic Suite:

Reply Card


Available for Baby Showers:

Reply Card
Gift Tags
Chalkboard Signs
Branding – Logo for baby's name
Drink Tickets
Game Design


Other options for corporate events:

Invitation or Flyer about events
RSVP Cards or Mini Flyers
Tickets ( entry, drink tickets etc.)
Coasters / give away items

• Personalized Bachelorette Game (Handmade wristlet drinking game) • Chalkboard Signs • Personalized Table Name


Pricing really varies from order to order. I try and accommodate everyone's budget.
However, to give you a ballpark fee, a mini suite for 100 invitations will normally run from $1000 - $2000 depending on printing type, paper, and details.
Please contact me personally for pricing. Each job is different and has to be carefully looked at to determine exact pricing.
Thank you for your interest! I look forward to working with you!
~ Ande Siler